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The realm of fashion associations, worldwide, doesn't end with its duty of promoting fashion and international trade. This is a central objective but there are many more things, completely unheard, which come under their duties. For example, take Fashion Agents Association of Western Australia. As the name suggests, it is not involved with the direct promotion of mens clothing and womens clothing only, rather it is more dedicated towards imbibing a sense of mutual co-operation and understanding amongst the fashion buyers, from the four corners, so they can develop a strong and healthy relationship amongst themselves and with the fashion manufacturers.

Take one more instance, the American Down and Feather Council is related to the monitoring of only those home fashion products which are made of feathers. Thus it, more or less, works as a fashion police meant to regulate the quality and labeling of all natural fill-bedding products only. Also, the Organization of Black Designers is a rare example of forming a trade association based on the assumptions of promoting the fashion designers of a particular ethnicity. There are more than 3500 African-American fashion designers associated to it. Many of them are famous footwear and jewelry designers.

There is something like Fashion and Design Protection Association in UK which instead of providing monetary funds to fashion innovations, provides the fashion designers with some legal aids, whenever they need it. It dedicatedly monitors that no fashion design is stolen or manipulated. Amazingly enough, there are certain fashion trade associations in the UK which are completely engaged in the promotion of particular fashion accessories only. The British Hat Guild and the Lace Guild are merely two of many such associations.

In Korea, the work of Korea Fashion and Costume Design Association is completely mono-dimensional and it does so in an academic way. Its is mostly related to the academic researches only to ensure the inculcation of a specialized knowledge to uplift the quality of costume designs in Korean fashion industry. So how can be the fashion capital of the world away from such exceptions? The Committee for Development and Promotion of French Clothing is solely concerned with the promotion of French fashion products, only, on local and international fronts. Same is done by the Association of Perfumes and Cosmetics in France.

So if you want to keep updated with the changing fashion trends or want to get some encouragement for your work or figures related to various fashion trade associations and fashion industry worldwide, check out the following associations directory where you will find a country wise listing of trade associations along with the site information, brief descriptions, contact addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of each international trade association. is an informative online b2b marketplace about global fashion industry, fashion products, fashion accessories, clothing industry, personal care industry and fashion services serving fashion manufacturers, suppliers & wholesalers. Fashion directory also includes fashion articles, publications, associations, upcoming trade shows, latest fashion news etc.
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