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3 Hottest Womens Trousers For Summer 2009 : See How Hot You Are
By Fashion Products on April 17, 2009 12:24 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

women trouser womens trousers summer fashion trends harem jodhpur pyjama pantsWhen summer comes, a fashionable lady starts searching, vigorously, for some trousers which can give her the ultimate comfort without forcing her to compromise with her style sense. What she wants is that an assurance which allows her fashion quotient to remain intact. Thus here come the top three trendier trousers which are set to make a rage this summer 2009. Have a look on these tips and tricks.

For Everyone : Probably, there is no trouser this summer but a flattering and fluttering pair of harem pants which can suit all body types. So whether you have a pair of skinny legs or thighs with extra flesh and flab, it hides everything and gives a perfect shape and silhouette to your lower part. Such is the magic of this harem pant.

Their voluminous shape makes them a must wear womens clothing. The extra cloth used works as a proper shield against the hot rays of sun and maintains the temperature within with a proper ventilation. A harem pant is available in many modern colors and fabrics but nothing can match the all-time-hit white harem made of cotton.

Choosing a white harem pant can give you a right platform to try many options regarding the color of the tops you choose. Pair it up with a light green or maroon vest top or a short length floral tunic. You can take a bold step like wearing a statement t-shirt too. Try with a ballet flat or a wedge sandal or a flip-flop or pump shoe. Each one looks great with a harem pant.

For Curvy Figures : This Indian royal womens trouser, jodhpur, is just another version of a harem pant. It seems! Thanks to its traditional voluminous shape. However, it is the oldest form. It has got a perfect skinny West look too. And makes itself a suitable summer trouser when it comes to be used by woman with curvy body and legs in athletic shape.

However, buying a tight-fit jodhpur could be a risky game for those with a flabbier hip area. The big bums are hardly compatible with these summer trousers. Such women should opt for the traditional voluminous edition of jodhpur trouser, instead. They become more flattering.

As far as wearing tops with a jodhpur trouser is concerned, gone are the days of pairing it up with designer and decorated jackets. According to the modern trends, wearing them with cotton shirts, tunics, t-shirts and tank tops looks more feasible. Pair it up with pump shoes, wide heel shoes or sandals. Choose a top in contrasting color.

For Athletic Figure : If you own a type of physique which looks, more or less, extra muscular, then grab a hot pyjama pant this summer. Definitely, they have come out of the bedrooms and become a hot trouser for this summer 2009. So never fear that they will give you a 'sleeping' look.

It proves a perfect trouser for those too who have some extra muscles in the middle as it hides everything very successfully. Though they come in variety of colors, fabrics and textures, nothing is more suitable than a pyjama made of 100% cotton or mixed cotton. Such trousers made of linen or woolen fabric must be avoided in the summer.

Moreover, a pyjama pant is not only suitable for walking and shopping, but one can wear it to the offices too. So, choose carefully one which comes with formal cut. Wear it with floral short shirts, long tunics or t-shirts. Wear a pyjama pant with a designer sandal for casual occasion or plain looking high heel sandal while going to office.

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