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Summer Diamond Jewelry Trends 2009 : Going Colorful
By Fashion Products on April 2, 2009 5:21 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

So you think that only fashion apparel are prone to be colorful then this myth has to be given a full stop, especially this summer 2009, if not forever. This colorfulness has invaded a completely different field...The field of diamond jewelry.

Definitely, the fashion jewelry designers have shown interest in not only giving luring shapes to the diamonds, but also they have left no stone unturned in maximizing the colorful glimmer of these precious stones.

Undoubtedly, these fashion jewelry designers are a new Picasso and their diamond cutters are their whispering paintbrushes. So, if you go out to any diamond jewelry store, down the street, this summer in order to add something more to your summer wardrobe, do not forget to jump into the exciting world of colorful diamond jewelry.

Women In Blue :

blue diamond jewelryProbably, in your childhood, like any fanciful child, you too would have longed to have a piece of the blue sky pasted on your ceiling or an ounce of the blue sea floating in your aquarium. I know your desire is unfulfilled. However, your love for blue has got its destination.

Come to the world of latest diamond jewelry which has gone completely blue. Thanks to the blending of traditional diamonds with the precious stones like topaz, sapphire, lapis lazouli, turquoise, aquamarine etc. Probably, such a beautiful combination will make you blush in blue, not in red though.

Wear a topaz necklace or slide into your beautiful hands some beautiful aquamarine bracelets. Bracelets made of aquamarine and white diamonds are a rage this summer. You can paint your fingers in blue with blue sapphire finger ring too.

purple diamond jewelryPure Purple : Yes! Purple diamonds are a reality. Believe it or not, though they are found very rarely. So if you are looking for a diamond jewelry made of natural purple diamond, then be sure that you are recession proof. Definitely, its rareness can burn numerous holes in your pocket. However, you can go for diamond jewelry made of artificial purple diamonds.

They come comparatively cheaper without compromising with the quality, looks and glimmer. A purple diamond wedding ring has become a necessity to those who are planning to marry this summer. Also don't get surprised if your groom gifts you a set of diamond jewelry comprising ear-rings, necklaces and pendants all made of purple diamonds.

Pink Parade :

pink diamond jewelryEver thought of replacing your fashion jewelry with pink rose petals? Of course, they bring you much closer to the nature. But alas! They can't live for long. They go dry so soon. Fear not! Your free of cost natural jewelry can have some expensive replacement in form of fashion jewelry made of pink diamonds.

The pink diamond jewelry can be another choice of those who are planning to marry this summer. Telling him to buy you a pink wedding ring can be a great idea, if you want to look beyond purple. Everybody knows how pink makes a magic when combined with white wedding gowns.

yellow diamond jewelryHottest and Coolest : Finally, if you want to dazzle the onlookers' eyes as much as the sun does then could there be a better idea than wearing diamond jewelry made of yellow diamonds which resemble the shine of the sun. There is a myriad of yellow diamond jewelry present in the sores. However, be careful while wearing them. Never pair then with all black fashion apparel, though red dresses become a suitable match.

Moreover, if the heat of your 'yellow' charm has got many admirers spellbound then better you plan to 'cool' them down. Nothing could beat the 'chill' of green diamonds. Wearing a green diamond necklace can be a treat to watch if worn with green and purple dresses.

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