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Summer Hats Fashion Trends 2009 : It's Very Very 'Hat'
By Fashion Products on April 9, 2009 7:49 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

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The custom of using a hat simply to put off your 'bad hair day' has got no space, any more, in our fashion traditions. Rather you can wear a hat anytime round the clock, and anywhere round the globe simply to enhance your looks. However, choosing hat during summer becomes more of a necessity than a fashion sense.

Unlike winter hats, the summer hats don't work as fashion accessories but they become more of a 'fashion shield' which basic job is to save you from the terrifying sun heat which seems to gobble up the beauty of your skin and hair injuring your scalp.

So a better summer hat is one which gives you an enhanced fashionable look all enjoined with an utmost protection from the wrath of the sun. Lets see!

Comfort Count : If the scorching sun is all what terrifies you during any summer, then nothing could be better than Panama hats. Surely, they will give you the coolest 'comfort zone.' The most important feature of such a hat is that it suits everyone irrespective of the wearer's face type and size.

If you love to be all the time at racecourses, whether you are a man or woman, a Panama hat is most suitable of all. Made of carefully harvested straws, they tend to come in a series of stylish designs and colors.

However, such beautiful and and summer hats don't come without making some holes in your pockets as a qualitative and original one will cost you more than thousand dollars. But the style quotient achieved after wearing these colorful hats, available in beige, khaki, ivory, nude and various shades of brown, will be a great compensation.

Daring Look : Gone are the days when Fedora hats were considered to be an exclusive fashion accessories of 19th century gangsters only, Nowadays, you can see many fashionable men and women wearing such hats anywhere down the street. Definitely, they these hats have become a summer status symbol these days.

The hat designers, while making these Fedora hats, are not only confined to their classic shapes with floppy rims and wide fronts but they have given some amazing twists to the traditional designs even. So, if you, this summer, are planing to look a substitute to the Panama hats at racecourses then go a Fedora hat either in some neutral colors or in brown, emerald green etc.

Moreover, apart from being compatible with all types of faces it can be worn with a wide array of fashion apparel such as jeans, formal suits, shorts, blazers, t-shirts etc. However, for more stylish look, if you want, go for a Fedora hat with smaller front and skinnier rim.

Exotic Looks : Giving oneself 'colorful and exotic' looks, this summer has become one of the most commonly found fashion trends. Thus to no amazement there are summer hats made on the lines of boater hats.

Wonderfully, what could be a better idea than wearing a boater hat made of colorful straws, with colorful ribbons, while roaming on the sea beach. Go to any fashion accessories store and buy a classic boater to give you a unique look this summer.

The most important feature of a boater hat is that it can be given one's individual styles and patterns. So if you love more 'rich' look, you can add some feathers, silk ribbon or some pricey stones too. Adding some rose petal, artificial or original, will give you typical boater look.

Some Others : Apart from these, your summer hats trends has lots to offer. A summer wardrobe looks completely dull without a very, very special floppy hat. Buy an embroidered floppy hat with wavy brim in many bold colors such purple, pink, emerald green etc.

A printed or floral floppy summer hat made of cotton seems magical this summer. Not only fabrics, it can be made of straws too sometimes.

The various versions of straw sun hat could be another viable option to save your skin this summer. Though its traditional design with a flat and wider brim is the most popular version, you can have a summer sun straw hat with a clipped brim too to don a modern look.

Such straw sun hats are mostly used while walking in the streets. However, you can have some amazing and exclusive straw hats to walk on the beach too.

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