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Summer Womens Jeans Trends 2009 : Wearing Tips Which Suit Your Body
By Fashion Products on March 30, 2009 12:40 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

This summer, the overcrowded shopping mall shelves, with different types of jeans, may coax you to go on a 'summer' shopping spree. Of course, nothing comes ahead of buying some suitable types of jeans in order to enhance the appearance of your summer wardrobe.

summer jeansBut buying summer jeans doesn't require your emotional impulses galore, rather it needs some careful calculations to come up with the best pick. Definitely, your body type plays a greater role in deciding which jeans are compatible with your 'genes,' literally.

If All Is Fine : When summer comes, fashionable women tend to cut short the number of fashion items on their body. Definitely, summer fashion trends don't allow too much of fashion accessories and flattering womens clothing on your body.

So you are left with not too many options to flatter your some oh-no-so-prefect body parts. Contrarily, if you are one of those lucky ladies who have got 'everything' in the right order then choosing the most traditional form of jeans, called as classic jeans can be the ultimate solution.

Get ensured that your legs have got the standard size. Classic jeans are a strict no-no to too short or too long legs. The waistline should be as narrower as a model on the cover of popular fashion publications and so your hip line.

So buy a five-pocketed classic jeans in its most traditional color; black or deep blue and don it to flaunt your 'classic' body this summer. A classic jeans always comes with a wide belt area to give you a prefect silhouette and is accessorized with button-head rivets made of steel or other metals.

Got A Bit Of Fat In The Middle? Oh sorry then! The classic jeans are not made for you. So what to do? Does it mean to remain jeansless this summer and jump to trousers? No not at all! Better you go out and hit the gym to cut down the fat on your belly. Poor and not so fashionable idea, isn't it?

So what next? Ya! There is something called as high waist jeans. Wearing of such a jeans will flatter your chubby stomach like anything else. The wide belt area works as an efficient tool to cover your big belly and gives you a balanced physic.

For better effect wear it with a short tunic. For a women with extra weight in her middle, a flared jeans too will do the same magic. They give your body a proper and deceiving balance despite an imperfect tummy. Wearing with a shirt tucked-in feels too cool.

Put Your Heavy Legs Forward : Gone are the days when women with extra flesh on their hips and legs would be forced to stay away from wearing any type of jeans. Wearing of some flattering jeans, by chubby women, has become much acceptable these days. Jeans for women with heavy legs are available in abundance.

Sometimes, they are colorful, sometimes printed or floral or sometimes embroidered too! Definitely, all such jeans are the fruitful results of numerous attempts of fashion designers to give those chubby women something 'flattering' this summer.

So don't you think that when you will wear a wide or straight legged jeans, in red or pink, this summer, your chubbiness will fade away completely? Who will dare to notice your plus-size silhouette rather than your colorful jeans? The same effect can be made by wearing embroidered or floral jeans too. Choose a jeans with small floral prints to look “cool' this summer.

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