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Summer Menswear 2009 : Five Ways To Mens Summer Suits
By Fashion Products on February 4, 2009 10:49 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

It seems designers are in a mood to make this summer 2009 exceptionally special as far as menswear is related. For a man no summer had come with such a varying lines of summer suits.

Some of them are made on old patterns which are dipped in traditional colors. While some of these summer suits are no way made on conventional patterns and designs.

mens summer suits

They are latest and unique. They are vibrant and exciting. Some of these summer suits are inspired by mens clothing supposed to be used in bedroom and  while evening strolls only.

Sometimes these mens summer suits are seen to have used womanish designs and styles. Definitely, a completely new approach to menswear. So don't give a second thought and watch out what are the latest in the block in form of tips and tricks.

Classics are Always Here : This summer is going to be the summer of black. Of course , it is tough to keep away from this classic color. However, you have options to choose from a wide range of its shades.

For office wear, during spring, you can choose the darkest shade of black. While it would be amazing to go to summer candle night dinners in lighter shades of black.

The another choice creating waves could be lighter but bright shades of blue. Choose a light blue suit with a black or pink shirt. See the magic.

This will work while spring starts to pack up and summer sets in. Also you can try their metallic versions.

Breaking the Traditions : It doesn't mean that you are entitled to look formal all through the spring and summer. You can try to look extremely adventurous too.

The designers have launched some lines with wrinkled sleeves. Also you can have a coat with its one half completely wrinkled.

Look out for casual suits with their both halves in two different but quite matching colors. However, the best one which will make you dashing than anyone else is a summer coat, on the floral or V-neck shirts, with rolled-up sleeves.

Blending Casual with Formal : Well, you could have worn many pajamas so far. But had you ever tried a pajama with a summer coat? Yes it is a reality and designers are up there lining up this bizarre fashion apparel.

Watch out the grey summer coat with striped light golden pajamas. Trying to be more adventurous? You can have coats made of same pajama fabric too. Can you say it a formal night dress?

Wonderfully Bizarre : It needs real guts and courage to wear this summer. But once you wear it people will admire your fashion sense.

Well! Just think about wearing a summer suit, made of a coat and a matching mens short, on the summer evenings, and strolling around.

Of course, you are not supposed to compromise with your dignity. Believe me, you will look quite graceful and hot in this artistically designed formal short along with a summer coat.

If you love to be more exciting try metallic coats on such shorts.

Unseen, Unheard but Here : If believing everything, what you hear, is your habit, then, probably, this time, you will resist to do it.

Wearing of harem pants by men is really unbelievable. But yes it a reality. Try out this summer, while hanging out with your partner, under the daylight in the parks.

Fear not! The harems for men are not made of the womanish fabrics. Rather, they are made of fabrics exclusively meant for mens suits.

Nothing could be better than wearing a mens black harem pant with a striped coat and a light green shirt.

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