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Clutch Bags Buying Guide : So You Are Not Deceived This Spring
By Fashion Products on February 24, 2009 11:40 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

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Nothing, not even this global financial slowdown, has been successful enough to bring a slump in the popularity of clutch bags. The fashionable ladies are leaving no stone unturned to have such one inside their spring wardrobe.

Of course, they know that their spring fashion wardrobe is never complete without this roaring rage of 'clutch bags.' Thus, undoubtedly, to look the most amazing woman this spring can be the sole reason for you to buy a clutch bag this spring. But, contrastingly, there can be many questions related to how should you buy one of its kind, indeed.

Undoubtedly, this spring the price of a clutch bag is never an important issue. They are available at cheaper rates, unheard before. Thanks to the market slide which has sparked a series of discount sales. Some of them are selling these fashion accessories 8-9 times cheaper than their actual price in normal days.

Thus, most probably, the issues like its texture and color can be of an utmost importance. Because whatever you choose must make a perfect combination with your fashion apparel, your footwear etc. So be careful and don't get tempted injudiciously by the visible features as looks can be deceiving.

Unconventional Textures : Gone are the days of clutch bags made of satin, velvet, cotton etc. Now a lady of 21st century needs some unconventional textures. Clutch bags made of crochet materials and knitwear are most sought after. Some clutch bags with innovative tie dye effects or patchworks effect and studded with pearls are here to make you most fashionable. Look out for coarse woven fabrics dipped into the latest colors by Pantone.

Latest Colors : Come out of the realm of brown, navy, black, white etc. They were suitable colors for your mother in her youth. Show your metal and pick the latest and bizarre colors. Try taupe or tan for some exciting look. Some of the best colors of 2009 by Pantone such as vibrant green, fuchsia red, dark citron, super lemon have come up with one of most luring clutch bags.

Discussions about colors and textures apart, to make the most of a clutch bag you need to look out for some other things too. Watch out :

Never go out for shopping with a clutch bag. Its limited place will never allow you to carry your various picks. Remember, it is meant for fashion only. Thus it is a bag of parties and dinners only.

Never stuff your clutch bag excessively. Its heavier look may mar its fashion value. Remember, it is not something you can thrust your vanity box into. Do all your makeup at home only.

Thus never carry anything more than your car keys, cellphones, some dollars, debit/credit cards and a small diary. As making it heavier would be problematic.

However, if you can't afford to stay away from your lipsticks, perfumes and combs then you can buy a super sized clutch bag. It is more spacious than the more popular palm sized clutch bags.

Always choose a clutch bag which contrasts with your fashion apparel but matches your footwear. Thus if you are in a light colored womens clothing, then choose a deep colored clutch bag. Be careful that your bag matches your footwear. Just think wearing a red dress along with a metallic clutch bag and a metallic footwear.

Also, never carry a clutch bag when you are wearing boots or ballet flats. Rather, whenever you feel the need of a clutch bag, wear a pointed high heels. However, wedge shoes and platforms too can be charming. Wear some matching metal earrings and bracelets.

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