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How To Wear Different Types Of Jeans
By Fashion Products on January 23, 2009 11:43 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

I can just simply imagine which pair of jeans you might be wearing right now. Is it a pair of skinny jeans which made a recommendable comeback or the ultra casual cropped jeans which brings your mood into the right tone for casual late evening walks and parties or it is a pair of all time hit baggy jeans which soothes your soul with its comfortableness?


There are a thousand reasons, boosting my belief that you must be wearing one of those three. Out of those thousand reasons, one is pretty obvious. The “pretty obvious” reason is the tips given in the first part, Wearing Jeans ? Apply These Rules, of this write-up. There we discussed a lot how to wear some certain types of jeans.

Now tell me which one you are wearing right now. All right! It is your personal issue. Wear whatever jeans you can. But there are many more types of jeans still left to be donned. So keeping with the lines of the first part, here is the concluding part comprising three more jeans with some more tips and tricks helping to wear them :

Hipster Jeans : Whether you have flabby bums or skinny thighs or short legs or whatever, a hipster jeans is a one-stop-solution to all your fashion and personality related issues. Such jeans are designed to fit all and everyone.

If you posses a big radius below your naval part, then wear a hipster jeans with a designer belt. A big metal buckle on your belt will be flattering which will make your waist look smaller. It is better not to keep anything in the back pockets. Keeping wallets etc. makes your bums look bigger. Try out a back-pocket-less hipster jeans.

It is one of the most recommendable jeans wear for a lady who has just given birth to a baby. It not only gives you much needed comfort but also hides all the post labor marks around the waist rather successfully.

Try out a hipster this season with metallic tank tops or t-shirts with floral prints. You will look fabulous. Pairing with jute products gives a look unseen before. Boots and heels are the mostly used footwear with hipster jeans. However, stilettos and sandals too are used a lot.

Boyfriend Jeans : Only Katie Holmes can tell you why one earth something is called a boyfriend jeans. If you can't find her, let me tell you. Once she came out wearing a borrowed jeans from her hubby Tom Cruise and sensationalized the fashion world.

However, you are not required to do the same. Thus instead of borrowing it from the boy of your life, you simple roll into the nearest store and buy such a pair. Undoubtedly, its baggy and loose fitting will give you masculine look.

Faded and mildly ripped boyfriend jeans are a rage these days. The older a boyfriend jeans looks, the sexier it makes you look. Though it is a natural loose-fit jeans wear, it doesn't mean that you will cross all the limits. Try out something which fits well on your bums.

For those who have semi-fleshy bums, placed upon their beautiful curvy and athletic pair of legs, it is a must have fashion apparel in their wardrobes. Wearing such jeans will make them look fuller. However, it has to be straight-legged.

Try out a crisp white shirt, full sleeved or half sleeved, with a boyfriend jeans. Don't forget to wear sunglasses with gold hued frame. Even red t-shirts or pink tank tops do a wonder. There metallic versions too have become a trend. Sweatshirts too work.

Wearing a boyfriend jeans with high heels can be the most flattering for a lady with a short height. However, such a combination suits everyone. Sandals and boots too can be worn.

Flared Jeans : Believe it or not! The flared jeans are probably the most sought after jeans by all the celebrities. Be them tennis players, Hollywood stars, pop singers or whosoever they are, all see their wardrobes as a dull hollow place without these womens clothings.

Also, believe it or not! It is most suitable for taller women. So the women with short legs should keep themselves at a safe distance from such jeans, most of the time.

So tall ladies! If you love to wear something which resembles the jeans of your mother's youth, then grab a flared jeans. It was widely famous 1n 70s. It has got another condition too. Apart from being a taller one, if you own curvy and athletic thighs then it is the most suitable for you.

Though these can be worn with leather jackets and shirts, the most befitting look it gives a wearer when worn with a well fit high-neck. Imagine wearing a deep blue flared jeans with a yellow high-neck. Get a hair up-do done and wear big metallic earrings. Try boob tubes or tank tops.

If you love to wear boots, then go for a wide-legged flared jeans. High heels and stilettos are other most befitting footwear. Wear with a strip leather belt. They make you extra slim.

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