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Spring Fashion Trends For Women In 2009
By Fashion Products on December 30, 2008 1:11 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

The coming spring is all set to bring a new parameter in fashion trends. On one hand, it will be more colorful, more stylish and elegant and on the other it will be somewhat choosy and cautious too.

spring fashion trends for women


Thus this spring when you feel like wearing the most fashionable womens clothing available in the market, don't do such things without using your reasons and logic. What I expect this season from you that keep a tab on your body type, your skin type and upon a lot of other things before you grab your right piece.


Floral Dresses : This spring it will again top the charts. Thanks to its great ability to suit on all body types. Though it is widely believed that it is not something to be worn by a lady possessing a rectangular shape, there are specially designed floral dresses for them in the stores too.


Florals of any size will do but those must come with some bold colors. Choose some catchy variations of orange, purple, pink, olive, green, burgundy etc.


Shirt Dresses : Perfect for all the body types. Such dresses are timeless fashion creations. Their classic cut give your frame such a befitting look that nobody can stop admiring you.. Buying a shirt dress exclusively in this spring is a must.


The classic color black will rule while olive, burgundy and gray will too have their share this spring. A shirt dress with these colors can be worn in spring 2010 too. Also look out for metallic shirt dresses.


Full Skirts : They are going to make their presence felt this spring. Spring 2009 is set hail their  comeback. All other dresses seem  below standard when the feminine touch of a full skirt is compared to them.


Thus wear a full skirt this spring and get your womanhood reloaded. Fabrics such as silk and satin will have an advantage. Also patterned ones will make a craze along with floral ones. Wear metallic tank top with heels of medium height.


High Waisted Pants : Such pants are for those who are too careful while experimenting with fashion. If the wearer is not careful enough to wear it, she might end up committing some gross mistakes. Mostly  found as wide legged, it is for tall and sleek women but it can be worn comfortably by a shorter and chubby lady too.


Only  she needs to accessorize her pant with designer belts and other things nicely. Use a beautiful pair of high heels. A vertically striped tucked-in blouse on a high waist pant makes a woman look less chubbier. 


Trench Coats : It comes with many types of cuts making it possible to suit all types. However, most flattering for those who carry some extra flesh. If you are tall then, you can have a long version of trench coats.


However, for a short-height lady, a belted waist length trench is the most appropriate one. Pair such coats with black tights and high-heel ankle boots to make your legs longer. 


Waist Focused Dress : If you are a proud owner of an athletic figure then this spring you will rule in this dress. Your beautiful body and curvy shape knows no better match than a waist focused dress. It puts special emphasis on the waistline making a beeline of admirers.


Ruffled Tops : The trend of ruffled tops is quite hot for those who are a bit thinly and skinny. It gives them a fuller look as it successfully adds some volume to the body. However, those who are already fuller must not wear it. Try a metallic, blue or red ruffled top.

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