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Spreading The Message of Massage
By Fashion Products on November 11, 2008 5:49 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

Massage, as an oral therapy, is as old as the human history itself and we have come to know its numerous benefits it has provided to improve human health through the course of time. The researches and studies conducted worldwide have come up with certain revelations making massage a compulsory medical therapy which each and every human being, whether old your young, must go through.

Massage helps to curb, reduce and remove a series of complication, at the very onset, which look harmless in the starting but may turn fatal if not paid attention. A relaxing massage is given using various massage equipment. Before we discuss how massage is done we would see certain medical benefits a simple massage session can provide us.

relaxing massage

How It Helps:

*It improves blood circulation and its balanced flow all through the body.

*It delays aging as it removes wrinkles, acne to improve skin quality.

* It improves metabolism and normalizes heartbeats and blood pressure.

* It detoxifies our body and makes skin healthier and look brighter.

* It ensures that nutritious elements reach all the human parts evenly.

* It provides soothing relaxation to our tired muscles and joints.

* It provides a relief from muscular pain to help free movement.

* It maintains the oxygen supply which is needed by a human body.

* It curbs the production of noradrenalin and cortisol, the stress hormones.

* It ,also, initiates the flow of stress-busting hormone endorphins.

* It, interestingly, improves digestion and immunity.

* It normalizes the human waste production system and curbs constipation.

How to Have a Beneficial Massage :

First of all, we need to have pressure strokes of different intensity, gentle or strong, according to the muscular strength of various body parts. The face needs gentle pressure strokes while the thighs and back are best massaged with relatively stronger pressure strokes.

Going for a very comfortable massage which can have a long-lasting soothing effect on your mind and body needs some preparation consideration.

Cover Your Head : Just after you enter the massage room, you need to wrap around your head a cotton towel so your hair remain untouched from the lotions and the creams when the massage starts.

Lying with Right Postures: According to the availability, whether it is a mat or a massage table, lie with a right posture keeping your body and limbs straight controlled. Any unnecessary movement will hamper the massage session.

Choose, if available, a massage bed that comes with steam facility. For a more comfortable message don't forget to keep a pillow below your head.

Quality of Tissue papers : Before you start applying cleansing lotion, don't forget to keep the packs of tissue papers or cotton pads beside the massage table. They should come with a better quality as cheaper ones may give scratches while you rub them against you delicate skin.

Apply Cleansing Lotion Effectively and Evenly : Choose a suitable cleansing cream. The milder ones work better. Apply them lightly on the whole of your body. Then wipe them off using the cotton pads gently. Your cleansing is over.

Choose Medically Approved Lotions and Creams : As the market is full of numerous such products, you need to be careful while choosing the right product. The oil or lotion has to be free of toxic elements and chemicals. These days, mostly, the herbal products are considered to be the safest. They don't cause inflammation, the doctors say.

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