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Menswear Trends 2008 : A Guide Not Affordable To Miss
By Fashion Products on September 15, 2008 8:34 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)

The trend in mensclothing, during ongoing year, has experienced some major shifts. These shifts have opened doors for more trendy and trademark changes. Mostly, the designers of menswear, this year, seem to get inspired by the womanly patterns of dressing styles.

menswear trends

They are borrowing everything, whether it is color, patterns, textures or design, straight from the womens wardrobe. Here is a caution! Though the menswear has been seen running on a woman's track but it is not completely carried away by the feminine touch.

The womanish infiltration in a mens wardrobe has sparked some fashionable and blends unseen before. Hence, this year has come up with some classic mixture of feminine symbols loaded with masculine touch, ensuring men are still men, though colorful.

Going More Colorful:

Indeed, the menswear has borrowed some womanish colors like burgundy, purple and lavender early in this year. As the year went by some more colors crept in like; pink and green. The trademark color of women apparel like; primary red, French navy too got foothold.

But these colors couldn't keep a man away from the classic shiny black suits and creamy white shirts. However, some more colors, such as; caramel, silver gray, dove gray, olive, cinnamon cream etc. are being used frequently in mens apparel.

Textures Being Scientific:

Innovative architectural textures are gaining popularity. They come with better shine and smooth surface and give a lifelong sustainability to any fabric's pigments. The use of metallic textures like silver metals have given menswear a new charming dimension already.

Stripes Remodeled:

The modern metallic hued stripes have totally overpowered the traditional stripes. The nautical and bi-colored naval stripes are replacing the existing stripes on any shirt or T-shirt.

Shorts Gaining Larger Stature:

The ongoing trend of new and improvised short-shorts, during current year, has made a man much smarter and provided him great option in the mens casual wear. The basic colors are creamy white and any hue of khaki. They are well suited with a T-shirt with tattoos or prints and match wonderfully with any metallic colored polo shirt.

Mesmerizing Polos:

Apart from the printed shirts, these polo shirts have found a sufficient place in the mens wardrobe. From basic manly hues to the ultra womanish pigments, they are available in all shades. Not only that they are available in burgundy, basic blue and purple, but there are polo shirts colored in metallic hues too.

Though most of the polos are made of cotton, but the pure silky or silk blended polos are being liked by men a lot. Some architectural textured polos with polyester blend have made inroads in the mens collections.

Trousers Are Baggier:

The semi-tight pants are giving way to the loose-fit trousers. They have gone baggier this year. The metallic wide-legged trousers too seem greatly fashionable.

Well-fit Shirts:

However, the shirts, unlike trousers, are still coming more well-fit, colorful and sheer which can give a feel of the muscular body hidden inside clearly. The shirts, mostly striped, are well-suited with big and glossy buttons.

The use of loose button down shirts instead of skin-fits have made a man more charming. They are suitable with both formal trousers and jeans equally.

T-Shirts Making You Young:

The ongoing season has set the use of printed T-shirts on a new and wider platform. The market has a versatile range of printed T-shirts to provide. They are suitable to your every mood and taste.

Though it looks childish, but it is a reality that adults too are preferring those shirts which come with carton prints.

However, the T-shirts with boldly written slogans related to any social awareness program are too a common rage. They may be related to wildlife conservation to burning issues like global warming.

Even the latest political rage inspired by obamaniacs too have given a new range of political T-shirts. It is a fresh addition in the brand T-shirts that carry names like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

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