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An Original Guide To Identify Fake Handbags
By Fashion Products on September 29, 2008 12:59 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

Buying handbags is never an easy task as we get trapped by a seller who can sell a fake handbag in the name of a original one. In order to save ourselves from falling flat, we need to be careful about certain aspects while buying handbags.

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Few things, if taken care of, can save ourselves from falling prey to fake fashion products and the following consequences like embarrassment and self-pity. Also it can save our money from being a mere waste.

Price Range: It may be the first litmus test for authenticity. The fake companies try to show the utmost originality of a particular brand in many aspects. But it is a mystery why they use a below standard price tag. So if you find that a particular brand which comes with a price tag of $ 350, is being sold at $ 45 only, then it's a self-proclamation of its being a fake one.

Quality of Materials Used: The fake manufacturers always use substandard materials. If you have very keen eyes and fashion sense, you will easily identify the authenticity of the materials used, They, like buckles, buttons etc, look worn out and seem to carry no finishing touch.

Leather Quality: There are some easy steps to find out that a hand bag is fake or not. Firstly, see if it stands erect when placed on a surface. If the structure crumbles then it must be a duplicate one. Secondly, if it doesn't feel heavy and less shiny then the leather must be of fake quality. Remember, the original leather doesn't shine like a mirror.

Zippers: The zippers too say a lot about an authentic handbag. A known company gets zippers designed of its own choice and style. These zippers carry a trademark stamp of the company's name. A fake zipper can not match the polished look of an original zipper. Also see how smoothly it works when dragged.

Stitching Quality: Look out for the coherence and alignment of the stitching patterns. The handbag should not come with missing stitches and broken thread. The bag must have a consistent stitching patterns. Also the thread must match the color of the leather.

Emblem Tags: These are regarded by many as the best source or clue to catch a fake handbag. Most of the times, these tags are attached to any side or to any corner of a bag, sometimes to the zipper also. These tags comprise of certain unique codes which are assigned to a particular manufacturer.

Authenticity Cards: No famous and known handbag manufacturer, on this earth, can make a handbag without an authenticity card. So, while buying your stuff, you must inquire about it. If the seller shows his/her inability to give you one, then better you abandon the plan to buy it. Remember, the authenticity card includes things like date of making and the place of manufacturing etc.

Logos: Not only the emblem tags and the authenticity cards denote the originality, but the small logo too, on a bag, can tell a lot. Though the fakers try a lot to imitate the originality of the logo of a particular brand, but they fail miserably as making of an original logo needs excellent expertise. It includes minute details, such as; special letters engraved and particular color patterns etc. which can remain unnoticed by the fake manufacturer. Thus the logo may appear with certain inconsistencies. Check out the spelling of the written things on a logo.

Packaging: Remember, the better the manufacturers are, the better the packaging standards of your bag is. It is so because a malfunctioning maker of a bag can't spend too much of money on packaging, keeping in view the maker's monetary health.

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