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Buying Guide for T-Shirt lovers
By Fashion Products on August 11, 2008 9:41 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

T-shirts are the most fashionable outerwear. They add extra spices to the wearer's personality with their varying designs and shapes. Nobody can deny their importance in day-to-day life as they have become an essential casual wear. They are available in a string of styles, cuts and colors. So it becomes tough for a buyer, a number of times, which one to choose out of a large collection.

t shirt lovers

The following tips while buying a T-shirt may help the buyers a great deal:

The Fiber Used:

The T-shirts are made of using varying ratios of cotton and polyester. The fabric can be either 100% cotton or can carry a range of polyester-blends. The T-shirts comprising a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers too are very common. The polyester and other synthetic fibers have a wrinkle-free feature and get dried quickly too. But the pure cotton shirts are definitely more comfortable.

Fabric Knitting:

The fabric which is closely and tightly knitted, should be preferred. They are more resistant to the changes brought after laundering. The closely knitted fabrics have “round and tiny loops” that prevent the T shirt from going shapeless even after many washes.

Sleeve Cut:

The cut of the sleeves are much important as they determine the shape a lot. The armhole shouldn't be twisted, otherwise they may hamper the ease of wearing a T-shirt.

Body Cut:

The “grain” is a determining factor while looking for a rightly cut and shaped T-shirt. If the seams are in accordance with the “grains” of the fabric, the T-shirt may keep its shape smooth and untwisted for a longer period.

The Shrinkage Factor of the Fabric:

The blended T-shirts are less prone to shrinkage. Any T-shirt which shrinks more than 2-3% of its actual size shouldn't be bought. The salesman should be consulted for the type of finishes and blend used in the fabric. Even the guarantee slips can have the complete information in this regard.

The Stitching:

The stitching of the T-shirts should be flat, smooth and most especially unbroken. Also the hems shouldn't be overtly exposed.

Elasticized Neckband:

The elasticized neckband returns to its shape nicely after passing through the head. Most of the times, a nylon mixed neckband should be preferred.

The coloring:

Make sure, the color used for your T-shirt is not toxic and made of body-friendly materials. The chemically laden color may not suit your skin. The labels on the T-shirts clearly describe the quality of the color used.

Try the Size then Buy:

Last but not least. Always try the T-shirts in the trial rooms before you buy . In case buying a pure cotton shirt, a larger size must be bought so it can withstand shrinkage post-washes.

Now, it is much clear how scientific a simple task like buying of a T-shirt can be. Undoubtedly, the above discussed tips will motivate a buyer to think of the various aspects carefully while buying a T-shirt. Interstingly, these tips are not gender specific and are equally helpful whether it's a mens T shirt, or a womens T shirt.

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