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Eco-friendly Fashion: Wrap Yourself In Green
By Fashion Products on August 4, 2008 9:54 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)

green eco friendly fashion

Buying green cars, using green shoppers, filling the tank with green fuel, buying green computer hardware....No!...we are not talking here about the mono colored patterns of these things! After can petrol can be green in color or all the cars it helps to run can be green! Rather we are talking about those things which are made using eco-friendly and recycled materials. Wait... the list can be too long if you are very much concerned about the climate change and the rising earth-temperature then......the latest for you could be the wide collection of these green or eco-friendly dresses.

These eco-friendly dresses made of bamboo, hemp, tencel etc. are here to make this world green in a fashionable way. For any environment conscious citizen it can be one of the best news he would be pathetically waiting to listen to. Surely, the use of bamboo and hemp is not going to affect your style quotient and researches show that the use of eco-friendly fabrics is harmless, comparatively sustainable and are surely better than using poly and rayon. It has got such a great impact on the users that they seem to have been caught in wear-only-green frenzy.

These organic clothes haven't compromised with the fashion statement and the delicacies of the styles. The fashion industry has got many takers of this 'green' tradition. The designers and the buyers are equally interested to join this bandwagon. The designers these days are willing to use more and more of such fabrics which are made of bamboo and recycled products. Also, they are using vegetable-dyed cotton extensively.

These eco-friendly dresses are completely harmless to the environment because they are made of bio-degrabale materials. The organic and recycled fibers and bamboo produce highly earth-friendly and durable fabrics.It not only makes you stylish but also makes you socially and environmentally responsible. Moreover, these dresses don't come only in plain or single-colored patterns but these are enthusiastically designed with greatly inspirational prints made of eco-friendly inks. The other organic fabric is made of poplin.

The buying of these dreeses is the testimony of your consciousness related to the environment. Your dressing style has got a complete new definition as it is not related to your dress sense only but it is a token of your care and love for the mother planet. Now the time has come to buy fashion apparel made of environment-conscious materials. You can choose eco-friendly dresses easily anywhere in the market which are giving tough fight to traditional dresses regarding patterns and designs.

These eco-dresses are no longer a distant thing as everybody can have easy access to them. Whether it is men's clothing, women's clothing, bridal wear, lingerie or kids clothing. Definitely, bio-degradable fabrics have got every answer. The dresses made of a new synthetic material produced of corn are a new hit. So, the next time when you fix a shopping plan don't forget to ask the retailer about the sustainalble dresses, the other name of eco-friendly dresses. Surely, you to need to play a big and important role in this era of green movements.

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Over the last years there has been a relative rush of books on eco and ethical fashion published across the globe. We think this is an excellent indicator of the public’s awareness of how, what, where and whom produced the clothes in our closets.

Sustainable fashion is fashion that is designed to be environmentally friendly. Fashion designers have recently adopted the idea of sustainability, using more environmentally-friendly materials and methods in clothing production like reduction in wastage, reduction in chemical usage, usage of scrap fabric, gunny bags etc. But are the apparel made out of them actually wearable? Yes, the answer is Dpol technology which can produce eco friendly garments which can actually divert us to sustainability keeping the costs low, so as to influence the fashion market on a big picture
The country where Mahatma Gandhi once created a revolution by wearing a simple locally hand woven cotton garment called the Khadi as a sign of independence is still a leader in terms of textile innovations. From high tech weaving to rediscovering ancient dyeing traditions, India has some interesting new answers for eco fashion design.

The first breakthrough comes from August Designs, which has taken an in depth approach to garment construction and developed a brand new patented technology called DPOL that produces ready to stitch, shaped, woven garment components. This considerably reduces fabric loss by approx 15-20% and lead time by approx 50%. DPOL supports sustainability by reducing chemical and other wastages (dyes, fibers, yarns, energy) by 17%-20%, thus imparting the eco-friendly nature to the apparels right from the inception of the process to develop the garments.

Apart from the eco-friendly aspect of the innovation, there are many notable uniqueness, some of these are: Continuity of design, proportionate design, non repeatable design and motifs etc.
The DPOL technology can be used to manufacture high quality fashion garments with mitering at various panels. Another advantage is that it can also support smaller orders: with quantities starting at one single unit, one can get garments according to their own fit, style and need. This could open brand new possibilities for sustainably minded designers: presently designers source normal fabrics and do the surface ornamentation (embroidery/prints etc) whenever required .This method gives them the opportunity to put the design into the fabrics. One can have different weaves or designs on pockets, collars, cuffs or wherever required. Weaves can produce different textures and designs as desired and fabrics can be designed as per the final silhouette of the final garment so that right kind of design falls at right place, giving a brand new meaning to custom-made!

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