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FEELING DISTANCE !! Discover the Secrets to Rekindle the Romance
By Fashion Products on November 30, 2007 7:27 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)

Are you worried since the past few days because your boyfriend has started avoiding you? Or your husband is paying less attention towards you or perhaps you are even loosing out to your colleagues in office or you feel people give you weird looks or you feel that people are mocking at you.

rekindle romance

Maybe you should go and see yourself in the mirror. What did you find? Graying hair, wrinkles, outdated clothes and footwear that is rugged. It is the time to open up your eyes and come out from your deep slumber. In the busy routine of life, you have neglected yourself a lot but still don’t lose hopes. Here are a few tips and tricks that would help you in getting the required re transformation.

Coco Chanel says, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening". So Girls! Wake up. Throw away your chemical cosmetics and hair products as they might be containing harmful toxic ingredients that are causing wrinkles on your skin and graying and damaging your hair.

First and foremost you must start taking care of your skin and hair. But do not try the shortest way of becoming perfect by covering your skin with makeup which might help you in short run but will affect you more badly than ever. The best way to pamper your skin is to use herbal cosmetics and herbal creams which have natural ingredients. These natural skin care items are harmless on the skin and not only produce cosmetic effect but are also very effective in curing skin ailments like acne, pimples, dryness etc. Besides this they also nourish the skin thoroughly and bring about glow on your face. Natural alternatives are available for almost all types of cosmetics including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, face masks, lotions, creams, etc. You can even find natural lip gels, soaps and makeup items easily in the market. These cosmetics use different parts of the plants as ingredients like leaves, bark, roots, oil extracted from the seeds, fruits etc. Mud and mineral products, honey, milk, milk cream, yogurt and eggs are also used extensively in these products.

For taking good care of your hair you can easily find herbal shampoos, conditioners, hair packs, hair gels etc. It is always better to use organic hair care products as they prevent graying and excessive hair loss. These natural products also provide that extra glow and shine to your hair. Even while using hair dye, you must always use herbal dyes, as they do not contain chemicals that might cause serious damage to your hair.

It is very important that besides taking care of your whole body, you should even be bothered about what you are wearing and how you conduct yourself. Dressing up in the right manner highlights your personality so it is extremely important to choose your clothes intelligently. Before making a choice it is extremely important to have an idea about the current fashion trends and it is crucial to have a youthful perspective while choosing your clothes. Each choice should be the reflection of the times you are living in and the occasion for which you are dressing up. Minor details like color, patterns of the dress and the fabric used should be given utmost importance. Thus while choosing your apparel and footwear you should always be aware of the changing world around you. Remember fashion is ever changing not everlasting and the same should be true for you.

So Ladies! Let’s face the hard fact that gone are the days when only skills, hard work, dedication and intelligence led to success. In today’s world good looks also count a lot. The message is simple; if you are not beautiful you are not wanted. Hence, if you want to have long lasting relationships with your spouse, office colleagues, boyfriend, neighbors and you want to reach the zenith of achievement in all facets of life, you should bother about your looks and give quality time to groom yourself.

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Wow! Cool news!Sounds a little weird, but interesting anyway. what do you guys think about it?

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